Orangebox Campers and Dens - Kinks

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Orangebox Campers and Dens - Kinks

This innovative range of breakout furniture from Orangebox was launched late November 2020 and Think Furniture are be pleased to update you on this very soon.

Campers and Dens will feature clever use of storage, adaptable spaces and innovative ways to create your own zones.

The main elements of the Campers & Dens range from Orangebox are the pods - these are the basis upon which the other elements are added, such as awnings, kinks & hacking.

Kinks - The Orangebox Campers & Dens Kinks are effectively an architectural feature to add interest to the humble office pod. This provides a neat angle to the pod but also be used to help create more interesting office layouts i.e. zig-zags. The Kink also softens the otherwise recti-linear styling and makes for a more inviting design. The distinctive 'kink' elevates the pods' architecture, reflecting an outdoor cabin or cabana - softening and enhancing the welcome.

All of the Campers & Dens pods from Orangebox have the option of being specified with the 'kink' which is available in a variety of materials to match or compliment the finishes on the exterior of the pod.

The following finish options may be specified on the kink (as per the exterior panel finish options); birch plywood, polyester felt, laminate wood grain, laminate fenix.

Standard Product Specification

  • 2 kink sizes available;
  • CDK01L (left sided) dimensions - W2225 x D335 x H2280mm
  • CDK01R (right sided) dimensions - W2225 x D335 x H2280mm
  • CDK02L (left sided) dimensions - W2900 x D335 x H2280mm
  • CDK02R (right sided) dimensions - W2900 x D335 x H2280mm
  • Kinks can be used on any of the Campers & Dens pods available
  • 4 finishes available; birch plywood / polyester felt / laminate wood grain / laminate fenix
  • Minimum recommended ceiling height for installation: 2550mm



As well as the standard product specification, Campers & Dens also features many optional extras - please contact us to discuss this product or your requirement in more detail

This tailored approach alongside a range of standard options allows for creation of a more unique environment.

Orangebox Campers and Dens - Kinks

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Warranty: Orangebox Campers and Dens come with a full manufacturers warranty.