Environmental Policy

This Environmental Policy is a statement of Think Furniture Design Limited stance towards the environment in which it operates.

The company aims to reduce its carbon footprint, improve recycling, reduce reliance on packaging, minimising waste, improve efficiencies in all of its operation and will work to achieve ISO 14001.

Employee involvement in environment matters is encouraged at all levels and every member of staff has a responsibility to follow the guidelines this policy provides which exists to advise staff of best practice methods, not only to have a more positive impact on the environment but also social and economic benefits.

The guidelines will be promoted through staff induction and monitored though regular appraisal of working methods in order to assess performance and confirm compliance with relevant legislation.

The Directors are committed to the implementation of this and will authorise the necessary resources to ensure its success and give full backing to those authorised to carry it out.

For more information about our company and related policies please download our PDF here.