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What is a 'hybrid office' / 'hybrid working' ?
How does this differ from agile workspace, collaboration zones and the good old ‘hub and spoke’ office models? For sure there is a degree of differentiation between each title and terminology but what does it all mean?

Sometimes it's good to have a label or pigeon hole to place something within but we prefer to take each clients' requirements at face value and then help analyse the best way forward for the organization. We prefer the term 'tailored office' as (like a good suit) the workplace should be a tailored fit to the companies needs, both now but also with one eye on the future. With this tailored approach there is room for different types of agile working and collaborative workspace models - helping to make the evolution from a 2020 type office to a 2021 workplace easier.

So why change?
It’s fair to say we have gone through some seismic changes in both our working practices and our expectations of how we see ourselves working in the future. If your existing workplace model works for these new changes then of course there is no reason to alter. That said there is a very good chance that the office may need a few tweaks... right the way through to a complete office change.

Below are some examples of different agile working configurations that could be incorporated to transform an existing office into a more hybrid model.

Think Furniture - Hybrid Office Design - Orangebox Campers and Dens


Orangebox have been at the forefront of office pods and booth design and their latest incarnation, Campers and Dens, draws on that knowledge to a create a suite of agile furniture allows for a much higher degree of tailoring, thus creating a more individual workspace.




Comma from Vitra is a collective sum of parts that will allow for multiple reconfigurations and adaptations. Comma falls into the category described as 'Micro-architecture' owing to its ability to be configured into creating an almost limitless array of different workspaces.



Think Furniture - Hybrid Office Design - Vitra Comma Office System

Think Furniture - Hybrid Office Design - KI Colonnade Collection


Picking up on the increasing trend for clients to demand both individuality but also future flexibility to move or re-purpose an area, systems like Colonnade from KI, offer a micro-architecture solution whereby you can build and create your own types of agile space to fit with your own version of hybrid office. Mixing both storage / screens / separation and different types of meeting/collaboration zones, Colonnade offers clients a very imaginative way of ‘bespoking’ their agile work areas.




German seating manufacturer Interstuhl have designed a creative and dare we say ‘fun’ workspace that does not feel the need to conform to a specific corporate identity.



Think Furniture - Hybrid Office Design - Interstuhl Splaces

Think Furniture - Hybrid Office Design - BuzziSpace BuzziJungle


Keeping with the fun theme we feel it important to explore the less mature side of the workplace and ensure that millennials and Gen Z have a workspace they can immediatly identify with and use in a more ‘digital native’ way. BuzziJungle from BuzziSpace offers that element to any agile theme that is both visually interesting and exciting to use.




Vitra Soft Work is a whole eco system for agile working contained within one product range. From its cleverly designed seat and back height to allow for longer periods of working (unlike conventional sofa systems) through to clever additions to customize your space and even curved elements to navigate around building columns and features.



Think Furniture - Hybrid Office Design - Vitra Softwork Seating Collection

ThThink Furniture - Hybrid Office Design - Brunner Pads Seating Collection


Pads from Brunner is an agile space solution that makes for a subtle but considered furniture option for contemporary workplaces.




Sometimes we associate agile working with varied furniture but still with a workspace feel. Vitra are masters at creating ‘softer spaces’ that still allow for productive meetings and collaboration whilst feeling like you are in home or hotel environment. Vitra's Soft Modular Sofa system allows for multiple configurations and certainly adds comfort and diversity to agile spaces.



Think Furniture - Hybrid Office Design - Vitra Hybrid Office


The advantages of changing to a hybrid workplace are numerous with some being obvious gains whereas others maybe more subtle.
Key benefits would see improved - Working flexibility / Communication / Productivity / Better use of office space
with more subtle gains including staff morale / retention / company culture and values.

Potential disadvantages of converting to a hybrid office could involve reduced communication, staff disconnect and wasted money. The good news is that disadvantages are very easy to avoid with some careful forethought and consideration of both the space and demographics of the employees and their willingness to adopt change.

Sometimes it is a question of ‘layering’ the change so that the benefits can be assessed and realised without a massive reconstruction of the working space.
For more hybrid office design ideas & collections, please get in touch.