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Think Clerkenwell 2023

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Clerkenwell Design Week 2023 

Think Furniture at Clerkenwell #cdw2023

It is that time of the year again where the very best brands, designs and international talent flood the streets of Farringdon showcasing their new, fresh and chic interior products. Amongst the top three global design events on the 2023 calendar, open to visitors to unite under a common interest in quality, cream of the crop interiors.

Since its launch in 2020, Clerkenwell's growth is only skyrocketing from here. With more than 160 active showrooms and well over 600 individual events occurring simultaneously over a span of three days (23-25 May). Clerkenwell is well known as the design district able to get together a plethora of fields in design, including architecture, furniture, lighting, interior design and much more

A few names you would recognise that are in constant rotation during the week:

  • Vitra
  • Orangebox
  • Brunner
  • Davison Highley
  • and many more

Think Furniture had the pleasure of partaking in this interior accolade on the last day as everyone was winding down the jam packed few days with the same enthusiasm at the start. Join us as we dive into the whirlpool of creativity and ingenuity on the last day at Clerkenwell Design Week 2023.

1. Hitch Mylius

Starting off near the Farringdon station was our good friend Hitch Mylius where we caught up with David Crux on the Clerkenwell days we missed, past projects, future aspects and most importantly their top of the line interior furniture that everyone has been anticipating.

Hitch Mylius HM108 Plump Sofa

The HM108 was among the first to draw my attention as it exudes comfort and relaxation with the low back and two cushion armrests at each side, perfect for catching up or taking a break from the desk. Within the discussion with David, the Design Guild was brought up since Hitch Mylius had won for a number of their collections such as the HM108 Plump collection designed by Magnus Long.

The Design Guild Award celebrates exceptional contributions to the field of the design, in this case Hitch Mylius's Plump was acknowledged for generous proportions, luxurious comfort and relaxed, domestic aesthetic.

Along with their Smile Plastics range, the HM24 Eclipse was showcased as a limitless addition with excellent base options for your workspace. A well proportioned chair, able to maintain its compact shape. If you are looking for an organic seating option the HM63 Pebble has natural adaptability and versatility for your modern workspace or living environment.

Hitch Mylius Plump Sofa.

Hitch Mylius Pebble 

Hitch Pebble Low Seat

2. Elite Office Furniture

Elite Explorer ChairAlong the high quality displays on St. John Street, we stopped by Elite Office Furniture that manufacturers rich meeting tables and task chairs to work pods. 

Popular products such as their Cubeform storage were on display with a whole unit of soft seating, perfect for breakout meetings or waiting areas.

Mark introduced their new Explorer Chair that is made up of 150 plastic bottles constructed using the sustainable Rinasco material. A huge step in forward for sustainable office furniture since they are reusing plastic bottles to minimize the environmental impact there normally is to extract raw materials in the manufacturing process.

Elite Explorer Chair made with 150 plastic bottles.

Cubeform Storage

Elite Cubeform Storage

3. Davison Highley

Walking into a welcoming atmosphere that displayed a spectacular colour range was no surprise from Davison Highley, famous for their quality construction that enhances and enriches the environment it is meant to adapt in.

Davison Highley Bee Element

Caroline gave us a heartful welcome with a manic rundown of the previous night where more than half of the residents, businesses and design professionals spent winding down.

On our tour, I noticed their inspiring colour choice for their modular range such as the Bee collection consisting of enclosed meeting spaces, modular seating and upholstered side tables. Their soft modular seating range is designed to enrich employee wellbeing through their robust fixing system offering straight and curved units, with and without backs meant to fit your workspace style.

Davison Highley Bee Modular

Davison Highley BEEworking

4. Brunner

Entering the high-end Brunner lower ground-level showroom was an enticing finish to the showroom tours as they offer a range of products that cut across many sectors, from companies and hospitality to hospitality and care.

Jake gave us a look into their recent collections of conference tables, conference chairs and acoustic meeting rooms. The Fina conference table is among the many that caught my eye with the T-base frame in dark chrome and dark oak table top.

Brunner's innovative limits are yet to be discovered as Jake informed us they are able to meet the requirements of the user. Their highest request to date being a conference table 3.4 metres wide, whilst maintaining top notch quality in the base and table top.

Brunner Oval Cabin

Brunner Ray Table 

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