Think Furniture at Orgatec 2022

Berlin Acoustics Mute Pod


It is not every year you are invited to the leading international trade hub for office furnishing and equipment, it is every two years. So Cologne beckoned us to join the great and the good of Furniture in the biennial event that is Orgatec. This article is meant to show you a peek at the magnificent array of products that are being unveiled into the market. This year the show was somewhat reduced however there were some interesting products and trends to consider:

  • 'Pods R us' – the reign of booths and pods continues with many more manufacturers now including a variety of pods and booths within their portfolio. Good News for clients as the diversity in both price and style are vast.
  • Net Positive and Carbon Neutral were a hot topic with many of the global brands such as Humanscale (who actively embracing these values and are demonstrating this within their new products). 

For a quick overview of some of our favourites please read on:


B&T Design Seri Table

A stunner among the array of tables by Tanju Özelgin displayed at Orgatec available in marble top with a choice of circular or elliptical. 

Seri is showcased in three different types; round elliptical and a rectangular dresser.

The elliptical top can be ordered in wood, marble, laminate or lacquer. The legs are made up of metal pipes in the order of the elliptical shape of the upper table. 

Besides being a very elegant dining room table, it can also be sleek meeting table when installed together with Zone Executive chairs.






Bralco Metar Executive Desk

Your office is need of a desk that suites the exclusive executive private office environment that speaks for itself.

A Perin & Topan design that combines the basic refined aesthetics with several functions driven to improve work ergonomics. A true expression of inimitable and timeless elegance enhanced by refined geometrics and noble materials. 

Detailed handcrafted finish that stands out with a field of combinations of wood creates the sleek executive atmosphere necessary within your private office. The Italian creation joined the worldwide market with its exclusive originality that facilitates everyday movements in the office.






Altwork Station

Altwork Station Sit

With more work from home environments being created a need for the perfect workstation is adamant. 

The Altwork station moves with you to maintain your focus, goals and stay healthy. Offering four basic working modes to suite your choice at certain periods in the day; stand, sit, zero gravity and full recline. 

Standing enough throughout the work day refreshing your body and mind by moving into an ergonomic, standing desk position.

In a seated position the Altwork gives you the option of using the innovative adjustable leg rest or keep your feet on the floor to maintain the standard desk and chair experience. With the leg rest you are not only working in comfort by supporting your knees, ankles and feet but you are increasing blood circulation.

Zero Gravity relieves spinal pressure and pain by reducing the force of gravity in this position so you can work with ease and comfort during necessary long hours.

The last option, Full Recline, offers complete relief from spinal pressure associated with back pain, work in full recline while the desk and monitor move with you. The magnetic desk ensures your keyboard and mouse are in place at all times.

Solving repetitive stress injuries, chronic back pain, spinal injuries, neck strain and any bodily pain before it starts.  


Humanscale Path Task Chair

The latest in Ergonomics from Humanscale is the Path Task chair that features minimal innovative design building a legacy based on ergonomics and sustainability. 

 The Path chair sets a new standard in sustainability. Made with a large percentage of recycled material (over 10 kilos’ including reclaimed fishing nets, plastic bottles and post -industrial materials) The Path truly sets the gold standard in terms of sustainable product and aspiring to a Net positive structure.

As you would expect the Chair features a high level of ergonomic functionality and the usual high build quality you would expect from a premium manufacturer like Humanscale 

Humanscale's goal involves more than improving on our own best efforts. That’s why for every step in our products’ life cycle – from material sourcing, to manufacturing, to delivery and end-of-life disassembly – we optimize for sustainability and make it a point to communicate that transparently.

In addition to using recycling materials and eliminating Red-List chemicals from the coatings, finishing and additives used in the manufacture of its products, Humanscale is also signed up to the Declare scheme.

 Described as a ‘nutritional label for products’ this gives complete transparency of materials, keeping consumers informed and reassured about the purchases they are making.

Coming soon to the world of task seating, Path is the ideal chair that maintains forward thinking design, ergonomic innovation and eco-consciousness.

Humanscale's offering at Orgatec reinforces its position as a leader in sustainable products that work harmoniously together, driving wellbeing and productivity.







Berlin Acoustics Solo Booth

The Solo from Berlin Acoustics offers teams and individuals a perfect place to retreat, whether a phone call, a meeting or simple undisturbed peace and quiet. We ensure concentrated work and higher productivity with satisfaction within your open-plan office. 

Beauty lies in the simplicity. Solo phone booth is minimalistic, modern and a timeless piece in design. Locally produced in Germany, ensuring top quality at an attractive price making the modern workplace achievable for anyone.

Berlin Acoustics avoids the use of unnecessary plastic, guarantees quality and manufacturing standards by manufacturing 100% in Germany which in turn acheives shorter delivery routes and a better carbon footprint. Their best efforts is put forward to design minimalistic, modern, timeless and stylish phone booths that deliver what they promise. Zero unnecessary and expensive extras - good product design lies in simplicity.