Vitra Comma Office System

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Vitra Comma Office System 

Once again the creative spirit of Vitra shines through with the launch of a new, adaptive office system named Comma, that is set to revolutionise our understanding of the workplace.

Following extensive study and reflection by leading experts on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on work practices and how this will feed through into the workplace, Vitra have set out to help re-invent the office landscape.

Comma from Vitra is a collective sum of parts that will allow for multiple reconfigurations and adaptations. Comma falls into the category described as 'Micro-architecture' owing to its ability to be configured into creating an almost limitless array of different workspaces.

From basic desks, through to bench / standing-height tables and room dividers by scaffold sections, Vitra Comma can be used to create (and re-configure) workspaces into either more collaborative or private areas depending on the needs of the company.

Key to the success of Comma is the very clever way it connects without the need for multiple bolts / tools.  This simple connectivity using an ingenious 'claw' fitting makes for much quicker re-configuration, allowing users to regenerate agile spaces depending on the needs of personnel on any given day.

Key Features of Vitra Comma

  • Adaptive micro-architecture system meaning it can be used to create a whole office landscape
  • Comma can cover widths between 40cm up to 200cm for maximum versatility when designing and re-configuring work landscapes
  • Vitra Comma is available in both a light and dark colour finish. This can then be enhanced by use of differing finishes for worktops / screens / separation
  • Simple and quick installation and re-configuration make Comma a truly agile system of furniture
  • Comma can create work zones / privacy zones (use of scaffold / dividers) but also meeting / collaboration (use of desk / table elements) to provide true flexibility and agile use of space
  • Vitra Comma will also feature a good array of add-ons and electrification to allow for further individuality and customisation of your workspace
Vitra Comma multi function office furniture

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