Comfort Spot Anti-Fatigue Mat & Hanging Clip

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Comfort Spot Anti-Fatigue Mat & Hanging Clip

Comfort Spot from is an Anti-Fatigue Mat with an elasticated, breathable structure, designed for use alongside a Sit Stand desk.

The purpose of the Comfort Spot Anti-Fatigue Mat is to aid health and productivity whilst using a Sit Stand / height adjustable desk.

How Does This Product Aid Health & Productivity

  • Provides natural exercise for your whole body
  • Reduces swelling of the legs when standing for longer periods of time
  • Decreases fatigue by improving blood circulation
  • Helps burn fat
  • Strengthens muscles and nerve pathways in feet

Product Information

  • Dimensions: W640 x D460 x H30mm
  • Elasticated structure
  • Available in grey finish
  • To clean, simply brush, hoover or wash with water
  • Cellular structure for breathability and heat retention
  • Comes with hanging clip, suitable for any desktop
Comfort Spot Anti-Fatigue Mat Top

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