Balance Board Anti-Fatigue Mat

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Balance Board Anti-Fatigue Mat

Balance Board is an Anti-Fatigue Mat with a difference! It Features a soft protruding semi-circle on the underside which forces the body to make constant tiny movements in order to maintain balance.

The purpose of the Balance Board Anti-Fatigue Mat is to aid health and productivity whilst using a Sit Stand / height adjustable desk.

How Does This Product Aid Health & Productivity

  • Activates & tones muscles in your back, core, legs & ankles
  • Boosts metabolism, increasing awareness & calorie burning
  • Prevents doziness and falling asleep at your desk
  • Activates use of the pelvic area with its unique skateboard-like pivot design, which aids in maintaining good posture of the neck, shoulders, and back
  • Passively tones calf & leg muscles
  • Increases productivity

Product Information

  • Dimensions: W600 x D400 x H60mm
  • Available in grey finish
  • To clean simply brush, hoover or wash with water
  • Cellular structure for breathability and heat retention
  • Comes with hanging clip, suitable for any desktop
Balance Board Anti-Fatigue Mat

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