Boss Design Qube 3 Meeting Pod

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Boss Design Qube 3 Meeting Pod

The Qube 3 pod from Boss Design is featured as part of a range of modular high-performance acoustic rooms that create the ideal private meeting or office space. The design of the acoustic wall panels and ceiling is such that sound absorption is optimised whilst not compromising the lightweight aesthetic value.

Standard features include PIR controlled lighting and acoustic ceiling tiles for enhanced privacy. Qube is a cost effective meeting room for the collaborative workplace.

This listing is the for the Qube 3 Meeting Pod. Other options within the Qube Pod range are; Qube Solo Work Pod, Qube 3, Qube 4, Qube 180 & Qube 360.

Product Information - Standard Specification

  • Model Q3.3 dimensions: W2992 x D2992 x H2225mm
  • Model Q3.4 dimensions: W2992 x D3977 x H2225mm
  • Model Q3.5 dimensions: W2992 x D4963 x H2225mm
  • Acoustic rated up to 37db
  • Fixed LED lighting built into ceiling
  • PIR motion/occupancy sensor
  • 1x 10mm soft open/close sliding glass door with DDA compliant 50mm diameter manifestations
  • Acoustic ceiling panels upholstered in Camira Nexus Chalk
  • 50mm diameter DDA compliant circular manifestations on glass
  • 35mm satin silver anodised aluminium frame
  • 50mm crown
  • Acoustic performance in maximised when the pods are positioned on a carpeted surface

Available Configurations

  • Model Q3.3 is made of 11 panels
  • Model Q3.4 is made of 13 panels
  • Model Q3.5 is made of 15 panels
  • Choose between the following panel types;
  • 6mm clear glass panel featuring DDA compliant 50mm diameter manifestations
  • 6mm frosted glass panel featuring DDA compliant 50mm diameter manifestations
  • Writable glass full panel
  • Upholstered panel (Camira Lucia fabric)
  • Acoustic upholstered panel (Camira Lucia fabric)
  • Upholstered panel (Camira Blazer fabric)
  • Acoustic upholstered panel (Camira Blazer fabric)

Optional Extras

  • Airflow unit (changes overall height to 2430mm)
  • Privacy band 1200mm high (per panel)
  • Door lock - floor level (sliding door)
  • Powder-coated frame (any standard RAL colour)
  • Acoustic roof mat
  • Basic power column (2 power)
  • Twin data socket (input & output)
  • Additional power
  • Vertical LED light strips x 2

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Boss Design Qube 3 Meeting Pod - 2x Upholstered Panels (Standard Spec)

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