The Meeting Pod Co. Private Office Meeting Box

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The Meeting Pod Co. Private Office Meeting Box

The Private Office Meeting Box is the perfect solution to one-on-ones, video conferencing and private meetings. A necessary space for absolute focus is the reason to bring in the private office into your workplace environment, with front and rear glasses your presence is acknowledged but your availability status is put on hold. The Enclosed Private Office comes with a fabric lined and glass interior and exterior, air extraction, LED lighting, USB double power point.

Private Office Meeting Box Information

  • Comes with a lockable door
  • Made in a neutral tone fabric cushioned seating and interior linings
  • Double glazed panels
  • Mains power lead with double USB power point
  • Has mechanical air extraction
  • Manufactured from recycled materials
  • Dimensions: W210 x L150 x H 210cm

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Private Office Meeting Box

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