Spacestor Palisades Vista

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Spacestor Palisades Vista

The Palisades Vista is an extension to the sensational Palisades range, Vista offers glazed screening that meets the needs of the return to the workplace elegantly and aesthetically. Vista stylishly makes use of clear panelling to re-enable the lost human connection with visibility, reassuring individuals the need to get to get back together as teams. With the anticipation that the workplace will evolve Vista has built-in flexibility allowing screens to be positioned and moved around for tomorrow should it ever come.

Palisades Vista Information

  • Variations include a freestanding screen and a mobile screen
  • Optional accessories panels; acrylic panel, MFC panel, acoustic panel, plywood panel and whiteboard
  • 3 High freestanding Dimensions: W1219 x H1248mm
  • 4 High freestanding Dimensions: W1524 x H1648mm
  • 5 High freestanding Dimensions: W1829 x H2048mm
  • 3 High mobile Dimensions: W1219 x H1380mm
  • 4 High mobile Dimensions: W1524 x H1780mm
  • 5 High mobile Dimensions: W2180 x H1829mm

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Spacestor Palisades Mobile Vista

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Width: 121.90
Height: 124.80
Warranty: The Spacestor Palisades Vista comes with a full manufacturers guarantee