Spacestor Aeonica

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Spacestor Aeonica

Arcadia is a new fluid, flexible and future-proof design for the future workspace that is constantly evolving and needs space settings that are stimulating, refreshing and highly adaptable. Taking inspiration from timeless classic architecture bringing softer forms, earthy tones to provide a new interior landscaping and space-making toolkit for the workspace. Using simple but distinct typologies including arches, cloisters, colonnades, rotundas, porticos and pantheons, a whole system of micro architecture now available. With all these toolkits visual breaks can be inserted, archways can frame or mark a transition between two zones and privacy nooks can be assembled. Designers can play with conventional forms or go wild with their imagination as they build your cosy and more restful workspace.

Aeonica Information

  • Chicane Pantheon
  • Rotunda
  • Agora
  • Chicane 
  • Colonnade
  • Square Colonnade
  • Niche
  • Square Niche
  • Cloister
  • Square Cloister
  • Pantheon
  • One kit has endless reconfigurations
  • Standard configurations: Divider Configuration, Enclosure Configuration, Booth Configuration, Meeting Spaces Configuration

This is made to order. Please call to discuss configurations and accessories.


Spacestor Aeonica

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