Spacestor Palisades II Curve

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Spacestor Palisades II Curve

The ultimate flexible Palisades range gives teams the opportunity to build unique meeting and catch up spaces, soft seating areas or sections with a combination of shelving, zone dividing and storage to implement exclusive divisions to make your work environment stand out. Palisades II brings a fresh perspective of dividing zones in a light and minimalist style with endless possibilities, benefiting offices that utilise natural light, space and collaboration that displays an elegant expression of architecture within an architecture. With leading tech organisations in need of dynamic agile spaces the Palisades is the best option with a flexible system and can be fully customized, growing to any size adding a harmonious aesthetic into the ever-evolving workspace.

Palisades II Curve Information

  • Available in three grid sizes
  • Ability to choose accessories to add such as planter box or glass shelf
  • Various grid finish options to pick from
  • Optional bases in four heights

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Spacestor Palisades II

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