Spacestor Palisades Luxe

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Spacestor Palisades Luxe

Among the Palisades family the Luxe is well known for its luxurious tones, serenity and warmth providing a modern workplace in a multifunctional environment with the right mix of private and shared space. Luxe is a customizable and modular zone divider with a mid-century modernism style that gives flexibility to today's more transitory workforce, allowing simple and attractive division of space into zones and neighbourhoods for specific working styles without building walls.

Palisades Luxe Information

  • Available in 5 new luxe finishes
  • Comes in 5 sizes high
  • Optional accessories includes a mirror and different finishes

This product is made to order.

Spacestor Palisades Luxe 2 Grids Wide 3 Grids High

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Warranty: The Spacestor Palisades Luxe comes with a full manufacturers guarantee