Orangebox Coppice Workbooth

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Orangebox Coppice Workbooth

Coppice from Orangebox is a stand-alone, single occupancy work booth that provides a high level of acoustic comfort, increasing the productivity of users working on focused work tasks.

Various configurations are available and can be combined to create the ideal setup for your office, enabling multiple users to have their own private workspace.

Coppice features a small footprint and when utilised in larger configurations, comes with the option of sharing panels, therefore making the best use of the available space whilst not sacrificing privacy and work space.

The simplistic design of Coppice ensures that the integration of power & data is easy and direct, with cables passing between the panels. Power/data options can also be retrofitted easily as cables are concealed in the cavity behind the pressed felt panels.

This listing is for the single user, semi-enclosed Coppice 'Workbooth' module (COPPICE-WORK-01 / COPPICE-WORK-02).

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Product Information

  • Dimensions: W1591 x D1218 x H1523mm
  • Available with or without internal upholstered panel
  • Core boards made from lacquered birch plywood with honeycomb centre for reduced weight
  • Inner & outer of boards covered with felt in anthracite grey finish
  • Integrated melamine table top in choice of walnut, grained oak, artisan oak, beech, graphite, white or grey finish
  • Cable tray included as standard
  • Polished feet as standard

Optional Extras (Please Enquire)

  • Upgrade to Laminate table top (5 finishes available)
  • Upgrade to Laminate Fenix table top (7 finishes available)
  • Add personal lighting (Pablo 'Circa' lamp or Pablo 'Lana' lamp)
  • Power & data options available

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Orangebox Coppice Datacard

Orangebox Coppice Work Booth 02 and 04

Orangebox Coppice Workbooth

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