IOD 4T Booths

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IOD 4T Booth

The 4T Booths support the creation of informal and private meeting zones as well as individual booths for focused work. Integrating seamlessly with our Bank Sofa and Table ranges, including a high table to enhance the booth experience.

Adding frosted glass or panels promotes privacy and quiet, while adding bulletin, pin, and whiteboards into the booths give the user extra creative space.

Named after the type of iron and connective material used for the product, the 4T’s ‘T-Iron’ is a rod with a short cross piece that is used to connect two structures, with the particular width of the T-Iron used in 4T measured at 40mm.

Designed by Hee Welling, 4T is made of powder-coated iron and offers components such as room dividers, booth seating and planters, as well as practical solutions such as whiteboards, pinboards and acoustic panelling. 

Product Information:

  • Freestanding with Bank Sofa Dimensions: W1880/3270/5560 x D940/1240 x H2440mm
  • Freestanding with Desk Dimensions: W1880/3270/5660 x D940 x H2440mm
  • Wall Mounted with Bank Sofa Dimensions: W1880/3270/5660 x D900/1200 x H2440mm
  • Ceiling Mounted with Bank Sofa Dimensions: W1880/3270/5560 x D940 x H2440mm
  • Powder coated iron frame
  • Powder coated metal panels
  • Alternative panel materials: Oak Clear Lacquer Veneer, Reeded Perspex plexiglass 10mm, Frosted Perspex plexiglass 10mm, Whiteboard, Acoustic panels, Forbo Bulletin boards, and Upholstered Panels
  • Pre-assembled
  • Made in Denmark
  • Designed by: Hee Welling, 2020

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IOD 4T Booths

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Width: 556.00
Height: 244.00
Depth: 94.00
Warranty: The IOD 4T Booth comes with a full manufacturers warranty.