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Let Nature In With Biophilia In The Workplace

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Biophilia in the workplace and biophilic design is the practice of incorporating nature into the office in order to blend both indoor and outdoor environments together, thus in turn providing a more natural work environment.

Studies have shown that working in natural outdoor environments can have a positive impact on employees happiness levels, attitude and in turn productivity levels - therefore it makes a lot of sense that employers are now looking for innovative ways to bring nature inside their work environments.

Biophilia within the workplace doesn't necessarily mean that you have to purchase a number of potted plants and scatter them around your office! Instead there are now a whole range of clever solutions which integrate biophilic design into everyday items and furniture items, this is great news for employers (especially those with limited physical space) as it means that some furniture items can feature biophilia whilst utilising the same amount of floor-space.

Here at Think Furniture we work with a wide range of manufacturers and product designers that are introducing all sorts of new and interesting ideas to the furniture industry with biophilic design in mind. We've put together a great selection of products that will help bring nature in! See below for some inspiration.

Biophilia Image Gallery Header

Jennifer Newman Planters

Above: Jennifer Newman 'Box' & 'Drum' Planters.

Brunner Plot Setup

Above: Brunner 'Plot' Seating with biophilic additions.

KI Logix Seating

Above: KI 'Logix' Seating with biophilic additions.

Nordgrona Acoustic Moss Panels

Above: Nordgrona Acoustic Reindeer Moss Ceiling Panels.

Nordgrona Acoustic Moss Wall Panels

Above: Nordgrona Acoustic Reindeer Moss Wall Panels.

Above: Offecct 'Oasis' Planters & Seating

Above: KI Storage Options with biophilic additions.

For more biophilia solutions or if you would like to discuss options for your own workplace, please call us on 08701037777 or email us at

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