Agilita Persy Four Acoustic Meeting Booth

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Agilita Persy Four Acoustic Meeting Booth

Persy Four by Agilita is a sustainable acoustic meeting pod, designed to provide space for focused group work. 

Persy Four has exceptional soundproofing systems, including 5 layers of soundproofing materials inside the walls, 2 layers of glass and special sound traps within the pod to prevent sound from entering through the ventilation channels. The result is a 35 decibel noise reduction. 

This meeting pod also has great ventilation systems, with 8 fans powering the cold-air inflow and 6 fans pulling warm out of the booth, creating a comfortable and sustained temperature within the booth. In fact, there is less than a 1°C increase over 1 hour of use inside the booth. All fans operate at ultra-quiet levels below 19 decibels (less than a whisper!)

Persy Four was also created with a focus on sustainability. The interiors is made from recycled PET felt from 2400 recycled plastic bottles, and 90% of the booth's core components are locally sourced.

For every booth sold, Agilita pledges to plant 10 trees in the Amazon rainforest. 

Product Information:

  • Dimensions: W224 x D143 x H231cm
  • Motion sensing LEDs & ventilation
  • 5 layers of soundproofing (35 db reduction)
  • Integrated wheels
  • Two plugs and two USB sockets
  • Sofa & table included
  • Choice between a whiteboard or TV.
  • Choose from 30 colours for the walls, door and door handle
  • Recycled acoustic PET fabric
  • Oak table
  • Magnetic door
  • Composite wood exterior

Due to the number of product variants, please contact us to place your order.

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Agilita Persy Four Acoustic Meeting Booth

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Width: 224.00
Height: 231.00
Depth: 143.00
Warranty: The Agilita PERSY FOUR Acoustic Meeting Booth comes with a full manufacturers warranty.