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Rh Seating Guide

About RH Seating


The RH family of office chairs and seating continues to be one of the most sought after ergonomic seating solutions within the UK and European market.

The two most popular chairs with the RH seating range are the RH Logic 400 which provides options for both high back and neck rest through to the RH 300 which provides a mid back size. More recently these two successful RH Chair models have been joined by  RH Activ for use within most open office scenarios and the RH Ambio – a more design led chair that still provides all the ergonomic functionality you would expect from the RH Group.

The reason for the popularity of the RH Logic 400/300 series are that they suit a wide range of chair user shapes and sizes as well as can be adjusted for different work styles and environments. The wide selection of accessories that can be added to the RH Chair allow you to specify to your exact working requirements thus ensuring a more comfortable and correct sitting position. In addition to a wide range of fabric finishes the RH chair family can be specified with large seat pans, coccyx cut outs and also offer an ESD-approved chair version.

Seating Ergonomics - Our view on natural sitting

The Human body was never designed to sit for prolonged periods of time. Our spine and surrounding muscles are designed to regularly move and thus become re-nourished by both blood /oxygen. Even sitting in a good posture without movement for 8 hours a day will take its toll on your back as the vertebrae and discs are designed for movement.

 This is the reason why all RH Chairs designed to:

  1. Adjust to best fit the seat user and provide both comfort and support
  2. Allow the chair user to actively move on /around the seat to provide positive movement to spine and associated muscle groups

The RH chair needs to provide movement in a controlled and supportive way to ensure best distribution of weight load whilst also allowing desk users to operate /access keyboard /mice. All RH Chairs come with instructions both online or with chair on how to set up and get the best from the chair.

RH Chair Key features:

  • Large range of adjustments to suit the individual users needs
  • High quality build –designed to perform and last
  • Large range of accessories to create chair to required price or specification
  • Recognized as a leading ergonomic chair manufacturer through Europe and UK
  • Range of Styling details: Colour/stitching


 Fast track shipping  5-7 day shipping is available in these colours :

               rh-logic-colour-2.jpg   rh-logic-400-colour.jpg   rh-logic-400-color.jpg   60003.jpg


  • Armrests
  • Backrests
  • Other


FAQ on RH Chairs

Are RH chairs quality tested?
Most RH chair models pass EU standard EN 1335-1. The full RH Chair range is put through rigorous testing and quality control and is built for long and trouble-free use.

Are RH chairs a good choice for the environment?
RH Chairs were one of the first companies in the office seating sector with through-and-through environmental thinking. Through our ‘Recycling Guarantee’, we offer to recycle old RH chairs. Our chairs are manufactured from natural materials where possible, and the chair parts are quick to disassemble, sort and recycle.

What do I do if my chair breaks? 

In the unlikely event that your chair develops a fault, please contact us and we will advise on your options be it covered by warranty or just a question of accessing the appropriate spare part.

Can the seat and back pads be changed?

Yes, they are easy to change on most Rh Chair models. The pads are assembled with a snap function and released/assembled with one simple move.


There is a 10 year guarantee on RH chairs.

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