Humanscale FR500 Ergonomic Foot Rocker

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Humanscale FR500 Ergonomic Foot Rocker

The FR500 foot rocker's simple and stylish is similar with other Humanscale foot rockers, providing comfort and promoting health with effortless functionality by keeping the user active through their feet. This award winning foot rocker ensures instant relief from prolonged sitting with minimal movements, gentle rocking is a necessary addition to your workstation. Along with perfect support, the FR500 engages the lower leg muscles increasing circulation and relieving pressure on the back by raising the feet.

FR500 Ergonomic Foot Rocker Information

  • The curved supports encourage healthful rocking
  • Made with rubber, non skid grips to maintain position and protect hard flooring
  • The sleek, minimalistic aesthetic complements any environment
  • Provides support for lower back
  • Die cast aluminium legs
  • Can be finished in black or cherry wood

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Humanscale FR500 Foot Rocker Black Finish

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