Humanscale QuickStand Lite

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Humanscale QuickStand Lite

The QuickStand Lite from Humanscale converts any fixed-height desk into a dynamic one, providing a built in monitor arm and keyboard/mouse platform, enabling the user to work at stand height.

Featuring a very sturdy frame and a shake-proof, adjustable keyboard platform and monitor arm.

An innovative counterbalance mechanism enables users to seamlessly transition from sitting to standing height, encouraging movement, and creating an active workspace.

The QuickStand Lite is ideal for home or corporate office workspaces, collaboration/hot-desking spaces and check-in areas.

Product Information

  • Holds single monitor weighing up to 4.9kg (11lbs) as standard
  • Option to upgrade to single heavy monitor which holds monitor between 5.5-10kg (12-22lbs)
  • 20" of height range & 5.5" of vertical monitor adjustment
  • 40" monitor radius
  • Available in White & Silver, Black on Black
  • Weight: ~14kg
  • Available with clamp mount, grommet mount or dual mount (both included)

Options based on 

  • QuickStand Lite, black with black trim, standard crossbar, clamp mount 
  • QuickStand Lite, silver with white trim, standard crossbar, clamp mount
Humanscale QuickStand Lite

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