Casamania Robox Bookshelf

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Casamania Robox Bookshelf

Robox is a bookshelf sculpted in embossed painted metal pf a man sized robot, bringing Fabio Novembre's beautiful and distant childhood memory of a household hero to life.

Adding a unique sense within the space it sits makes Robox special to each individual who embraces it, giving it their own meaning and value.

Robox Bookshelf Information

  • Human sized double sided metal bookcase
  • Each compartment is different from each other
  • Manually welded
  • Embossed painted metal
  • Available in a mix of finishes
  • Dimensions: W810 x H1840 x D300mm

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Casamania Robox Bookshelf

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Width: 81.00
Height: 184.00
Depth: 30.00
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