Wilkhahn ON Task Chair

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Wilkhahn ON Task Chair

Every once in a while a chair comes along that challenges well held principless and notions and changes the way people look at things; The Wilkhahn ON Task Chair is such an example. Wilkhahn, a leading manufactruer in workplace seating,have devoted decades to developing office chairs that promote free movment and thereby help to keep our bodies moving and healthy. 

Leading experts in both the fields of ergonomics and health/sports science now confirm that the traditional held view of ergonomics stipulating correct and incorrect sitting postures can lead us up a blind alley. Experts are now recommending a more pro-active regime that t that offers us all the freedom of movement we are capable of. Our bodies  instinctively know what is right for them - they just need a chance to prove it. 

After exhaustive development the new Wilkhahn ON Task Chair from Wilkhahn provides that freedom of movement. The ON is a fluid combination of natural, three-dimensional movement and relaxation that helps promote blood flow and rouses both mind and body.

Product Information

  • With seat cushion
  • Optional 3D armrests
  • Fiberflex covered backrest
  • Height adjustable
  • Trimension tension control
  • Plastic base
  • Aluminium coated swing plates
  • Medium or High backrest
Wilkhahn ON Task Chair

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