Werner Storagewall

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Werner Storagewall

Every office needs proper shelving and storage space whether they be the standard filing shelves placed against a wall, or a free standing unit, acting as a divider or more exclusive storage systems.

These storage systems push organic creativity within the modern office environment with the basic view, basic flow and basic S.

Basic View - a shelving system consisting of both open and closed elements that complement each other to display an interplay of transparency and solidity. This unit can work against a wall as well as standing in the room acting as a room divider. 

Basic Flow - this is a multifunctional office shelf that creates storage space bringing form to the room and providing an acoustic shield for workstations. Basic flow ties in elements such as room dividers, acoustics and storage to encourage staff to innovate and think creatively, allowing both undisturbed working and communication to fit well within the space.

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