Vitra Soft Seats

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Vitra Soft Seats

Built for comfort and styled to your perfection the Vitra Soft Seats. Available in leather and fabric to your choosing in a wide array of colours, suited well with the Eames Wire chair DRX and Plastic Side Chair DSR. Padded with thermopressed fleece to retain cushion shape along with easily removed zip fasteners

Product Information

  • Underside non-slip coating 
  • Available in three shapes
  • 2-cm thick, Fully Recyclable
  • Type A Soft Seats 395 x 385mm
  • Type B Soft Seats 415 x 370mm
  • Type C Soft Seats 380 


All Vitra Soft Seat Shapes

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Width: 40.00
Height: 51.00
Depth: 2.00
Shipping: Free Shipping
Warranty: The Vitra Soft Seats offers a manufacturer's 10 year guarantee