Vitra Dancing Wall Mobile Partitions

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Vitra Dancing Wall Mobile Partitions

The basic function of Vitra's Dancing Wall is that of a mobile partition system that can be used to flexibly divide offices / workplaces into zones, whilst also offering vertical work space, mainly in the form of whiteboards, storage or notice/pin boards.

The Vitra Dancing Wall consists of a metal frame, which can be equipped in various configurations: as a bookshelf, TV unit, cloakroom, plant wall, or as a room divider with removable whiteboards and pin boards. The design of Dancing Wall also allows for the integration of power cables and functional accessories, which can be custom specified to suit the users requirements.

The base of Dancing Wall is encased in solid wooden panels and features sufficient weight to provide more than adequate balance to the vertical unit, despite ha

The price shown is the basic model price, which features a frame in basic dark or soft light, base board in natural spruce wood, without whiteboard added, without panel added, cover in F30 Plano fabric, without any added elements for position 1, 2, 3 or 4 and without electrification.

Dancing Wall is so customisable that it is easier to get in touch with us, explain your requirement and we can then spec & price the product to your needs.

Key Features of Vitra Dancing Wall

  • Mobile partition system on castors for ease of movement
  • Helps divide spaces/offices into zones
  • Allows for office re-positioning / re-purposing to suit changing needs
  • Provides vertical workspace in the form of whiteboard or pin board additions
  • Provides storage with shelving additions
  • Various extra uses including as a bookshelf, TV unit, cloakroom, plant room
  • Choice of frame & wood finish as well as wide range of fabric colours to suit all environments
  • Can allow for integration of power cables & functional accessories to suit requirements

Product Information

  • Wide range of customisation options available
  • Lots of different uses
  • Fabric panels available in 'Plano' fabric
  • Base board available in natural spruce or natural oak wood finish
  • Frame available in basic dark or soft light
  • Origin of wood: spruce & oak from Italy
  • Designed by Stephan Hürlemann, 2018

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Vitra Dancing Wall Mobile Partitions - Shelving - Basic Dark & Soft Light - Natural Spruce

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