Vitra Chaise Tout Bois Chair

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Vitra Chaise Tout Bois Chair by Jean Prouvé, 1941

The Vitra Chaise Tout Bois chair is the only chair by Jean Prouvé that is made entirely from wood - the design is very similar to Prouvé's famous 'Standard' chair, but wood was substituted for the metal base due to the scarcity of metal during the Second World War.

After the war, there was once again a sufficient supply of oak, which due to its hardness and strength was commonly used in France to construct ships and cathedral roofs. As these properties are also ideal for an all-wood chair, the Chaise Tout Bois was ultimately made out of oak and plywood – also offered in dark-stained versions when requested by Jean Prouvé's customers.

Product Information

  • Dimensions: W460 x D490 x H805mm
  • Seat height: 460mm
  • Seat/backrest made from moulded plywood veneer in natural or dark-stained oak with protective natural lacquer finish
  • Non-stackable solid wood base; same type of wood as backrest/seat in natural or dark-stained oak
  • Designed by Jean Prouvé, 1941

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Vitra Chaise Tout Bois Chair

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