Verco Bee Solo Work Booth

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Verco Bee Solo Work Booth

The Bee Work booth is a hexagonal, upholstered solo pod, with an MFC finish and ergonomically-shaped worktop. A new work space for the agile working environment that is necessary for modern work spaces, Bee offers an opportunity to create more interesting, focused working based on aesthetics and acoustics that were not appreciated before.

There are four standard Bee cluster pods available. BCP1 is a single work pod with a medium panel height or with a high panel height, BCP2, BCP3 and BCP4 have the same features but have a unit added on as the version ascends. 

Bee Solo Work Booth Information

  • Available in various finishes
  • Upholstery can be removed and replaced 
  • Dimensions BCP1: W1525 x H1215 x D1608mm
  • Dimensions BCP2: W2257 x H1215 x D2251mm
  • Dimensions BCP3: W2898 x H1215 x D2804mm
  • Dimensions BCP4: W3721 x H1215 x D2804mm

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Verco Bee Solo Work Booth BCP2

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Width: 152.50
Height: 121.50
Depth: 160.80
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Warranty: The Verco Bee Solo Work Booth comes with a full manufacturers guarantee