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What is Project Ghost?
Project ghost is a collaboration between Logitech and Orangebox aimed at bringing to life an immersive environment for one-on-one video meetings, bridging the lack of natural real-life interaction by displaying a life-size rendering of the end user in a camera frame.

In this modern age, digital communication is the status quo therefore the goal is for innovative ways to connect face-to-face. Project Ghost integrates digital technology within our work life to form a hyper-realistic experience to simulate more natural human interaction. AI-enabled technology automatically optimizes audio, video & lighting to provide a best-in-class space for video calls.

Why Ghost?
Project Ghost differs from a normal meeting space by using extended reality (XR) technology to create life-size, realistic renderings of remote participants, enhancing the sense of physical presence. It integrates AI to optimize audio, video, and lighting, minimizing the visibility of technology and making virtual meetings feel more natural and human. Normal meeting spaces lack these advanced XR and AI features, offering a more conventional and less immersive experience.

Think Furniture - Project ghost


Smaller screens make it challenging to view participants' videos which will potentially impact people’s ability to engage fully in the meeting and build rapport with each other.



Extended periods of online meetings and lack of an ergonomic setup may contribute to digital fatigue, concentration difficulty and emotional exhaustion. Physical distractions by other people, the environment and digital distractions by app notifications, personal devices can affect people’s attention and active participation in the meeting.


Think Furniture - Project Ghost

Think Furniture - Project Ghost


Often during video meetings there are elements that are lacking compared to face-to-face, an important difference is life size rendering. Facial expressions, body language and non-verbal ques will be noticed with Project Ghost, narrowing the gap between face-to-face and online to create an immersive interaction.



Project Ghost emphasises the key factor in meetings, eye contact, the user’s natural gaze and eye contact builds connections and conveys emotions necessary for improving understanding and engagement on a deeper level. Promoting focus, privacy and mindfulness to the meeting, Project Ghost has curated an environment which can minimise distractions from both digital devices and physical surroundings.


Think Furniture - Project Ghost


If you would like more information about Project Ghost or to arrange a viewing please get in touch via email or phone.