Profim Mickey Stool

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Profim Mickey Stool

Mickey is a height adjustable stool suited for modern and flexible workspaces with the polyurethane foam seat able to support the user in standing or semi-standing position at work. The swivel feature encourages movement and keeping muscles tight during your workday and it adapts to your workspace to perfectly meet your needs.

Mickey Stool Information

  • Provides support by tilting from side to side
  • Unique combination of a pouffe and a swivel stool with height adjustment
  • Base is made of plastic
  • Rubber-steel wrist frame allowing side movement up to 10°
  • Available in a range of finishes
  • High adjustment range 330mm
  • Dimensions: W360 x H570-900 x D360mm

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Profim Mickey Stool

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Width: 36.00
Height: 57.00
Depth: 36.00
Shipping: £14.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Warranty: The Profim Mickey Stool comes with a full manufacturers guarantee