Humanscale CPU Holders

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Humanscale CPU Holders

Built to accommodate the smaller profiles of today’s technology, Humanscale’s range of CPU holders combine superior function and ease of use with stylish aesthetics to complement any modern workstation. Available with contemporary white accents or more traditional black accents, the CPU600 provides effortless access to cables, ports and drives while enabling easy CPU installation and removal.

CPU 200

  • Installed Dimensions: 170mm (6.7”) Width, CPU Height + 97mm (3.8”) 
  • Max weight: 6.8kg
  • Fits CPUs 25mm (1”) to 127mm (5”) wide by 305mm (12“) high 

CPU 600

  • Installed Dimensions: 80mm (7”) or CPU Width + 43mm (1.7”), whichever is greater, CPU Height + 90mm (3.6”) 
  • Max weight: 22.7kg
  • Fits CPUs 90mm (3.5”) to 230mm (9”) wide by 305mm (12“) to 510mm (20”) high 

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Humanscale CPU Holders

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Warranty: CPU 600 carries a five year warranty