Metronaps EnergyPod

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Metronaps EnergyPod

The EnergyPod is specially designed for power napping in the workplace, especially in a high paced dynamic space with deadlines and target goals. Taking a brief nap during the day is highly beneficial as it improves alertness, learning, creativity and mood along with reduced stress levels and the risk of heart disease.

The main purpose of EnergyPod is to create a safe space in the workplace for rejuvenation, boosting your professional and personal productivity. 

EnergyPod Information:

  • Simple interface with one-touch start button
  • Built-in music player eliminates surrounding noise
  • Privacy visor provides semi-privacy by blocking out distractions
  • Two internal compartments for safe storage
  • High quality synthetic leather upholstery
  • Reclining elevates the feet and reduces pressure on the cardiac system
  • Dimensions: W1220 x H1470 x D2120mm

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Metronaps EnergyPod

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Width: 122.00
Height: 147.00
Depth: 212.00
Warranty: The Metronaps EnergyPod comes with a full manufacturers guarantee