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Workplace acoustics are often overlooked. Adding Sound Masking can improve acoustical comfort in just about every environment which will help increase concentration levels and reduce distraction or annoying repetitive sounds.

The principle of sound masking is to use white or pink noise to 'overlay' the existing noises within a workplace. A good analogy of how sound masking works would be a dark room with a torch being turned on and off constantly. This would prove distracting and annoying. Now imagine that same room with a main light switched on... the torch can still be turned off and off but with no real impact on the ambient light. So it is with sound masking... the white noise is able to absorb or subdue the more annoying or distracting noises... be they voices or printers or a mixture of typical offices noises.

Sound masking can also be used to ensure security / privacy for important meetings.

Sound masking equipment consists of Miniature emitters, or speakers, that uniformly disperse a pre-programmed, spectra-appropriate sound through four sequenced channels. The result is a sound far quieter than competing alternatives for the same level of masking speech.

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  • Sound masking
  • Noise reduction
  • Privacy
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