CBS Flo X Single Monitor Arm

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CBS Flo X Single Monitor Arm

Flo X is the latest from CBS for high load monitor support as it is able to hold larger and heavier screens, with dynamic functionality and considered ergonomics to find your optimal working position, enhance productivity and wellbeing. 

Flo X ensures your head is in a neutral, balanced position, reducing musculoskeletal stress and decreasing likelihood of injury. By effortlessly pushing correct posture, breathing and oxygen intake improves, reducing fatigue and boosting concentration levels.

Using the next generation tilt, the user gets the existing benefits of fingertip adjustability and easy to balance tilt. Tilting your screen eliminates glare and reflections to minimise visual fatigue and digital eye strain.

Flo X Single Monitor Arm Information

  • Dual spring technology to hold screen sizes and weights up to 18kg
  • Fingertip adjustment for perfect positioning
  • Range of colour options
  • Ultrawide/curve screen compatible
  • Integrated cable management system
  • Unparalleled smoothness of movement
  • Includes Flo X split clamp
  • 100% recyclable
  • Dimensions: W612 x H328mm

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CBS Flo X Single Monitor Arm Black

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