Casamania Twine Table

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By Design house WIS


These playful and stylish button tables are fun and will perk up almost any interior, perfect for not only the home but also a lively addition to an office or break room.  Looking like an oversized button the colour comes from the use of the wire frame which threads through the table top like a cotton providing a jolt of colour and the legs.

The Twine table is avaliable in a wide range of colours on a lacquered top: White, Black, Light Blue, Chrome  and Magenta.

“The idea of the tables arose when the designers, Lisa and Anna, were looking into the world of construction. They had recently been working with some embroidery for an exhibition, and they asked themselves – is it possible to stitch a table together? Inspired by the idea of needlework, they passed a metal wire through a table top. The wire then became the legs as well as the structure. The playful Twine Tables, in the shape of a button, are completely at ease by a sofa, an easy chair or just by itself”.

Casamania Twine Table

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