BuzziSpace BuzziPebl Light

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BuzziSpace BuzziPebl Light

Acoustic lighting solutions from BuzziSpace combine sound absorbing materials to reduce noise levels in the room with an ambient or LED light to maintain a comfortable environment.

BuzziPebl light features an LED light strip to provide accent lighting to your space while creating a luminous environment, with the smooth shape absorbing sound waves and, if desired, emitting light.

BuzziPebl Light Information

  • Crafted with signature high performant foam 
  • Can be upholstered in a range of high quality fabrics
  • Features a thick, upholstered body making it acoustically performant on mid, low and high frequencies
  • Fits well in an office, lounge, reception, bar, or restaurant

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BuzziSpace BuzziPebl Light

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Warranty: The BuzziSpace BuzziPebl Light comes with a full manufacturers guarantee