Boss Design Mews Pod - Focus

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Boss Design Mews Pods - Focus

Architectural intervention used to be what divided spaces and defined privacy. In today’s workplace, the emphasis has shifted to habitable spaces with high levels of function and flexibility. But we need more than that. We need spaces that not only work well but make us feel good too.

Introducing the Boss Design Mews Pods, enhancing the ergonomics of your space through air quality, temperature and lighting to create habitats that improve the quality of work, connection and collaboration.

Product Information:

  • Dimensions: W2430 x D1270 x H2250mm
  • Typical occupancy: 1 person
  • Frame & Glazing Bars: Black RAL 9005
  • Levelling plinth including Floor Tiles: Modulyss Grind 130
  • Left & Right Wall: Fabric Band 1 Inner & Outer
  • Glass Door: 8mm toughened
  • Glass Panels: 6mm toughened
  • Work Table: Black Fenix with Ply Edge
  • Shelving: Illuminated Shelf Over Desk
  • Pod Environment Lighting: 2x Ultra low glare lighting units with wireless switch
  • Laptop Arm: Flow Ollin
  • Power: OE Ply Unit - 2x Power inc. twin USB Charge (A&C)
  • Ceiling Tiles: Acoustic Upholstered in Camira Nexus Chalk
  • Roof Mat: Acoustic Panel
  • Airflow Unit: Included

This product is made to order.

Boss Design Mews Pod - Focus

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Width: 243.00
Height: 225.00
Depth: 127.00
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Warranty: The Boss Design Mews Pod comes with a full manufacturers warranty.