Why buy An Original

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Originals are built to exacting detail and the specification as laid out by the original designer. This will allow you to fully appreciate both the quality of the design and the thought process that went into the furniture's production.

Design classics and originals are built to last and maintain their appearance over their life time. The Eames Aluminium Chair series is offered with a 30 year warranty - this not only demonstrates the commitment to quality manufacture and construction ,but also the integrity of the design.

Design classics and original furniture will maintain their price and value unlike copies which will be worth a fraction of their value the minute they are unwrapped. Just look on Wikipedia for examples of early Eames lounge chairs being worth more now than their original costs.

Similar to a good quality watch, designer classic furniture is like a family heirloom that can be passed down and enjoyed by different generations. The Eames lounge chair defies age because great design is timeless. The value of buying an original and the enjoyment derived by looking and using such furniture every day is hard to put a price on and is very subjective, but in our experience the non licensed copies are often designed to a price and miss some of the design details and aesthetics of the originals and tend to wear poorly over a period a time.

Our philosophy is simple: buy to the best of your ability or budget but don't buy just because something is cheaper as often the experience will also be lessened.

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