Vitra Joyn 2 Platform Table

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Vitra Joyn 2 Platform Table

Joyn 2 is the enhanced version of the original design based on communication and teamwork promoting dynamic and spontaneous collaboration within the workspace. Aimed for employees to share open workstations for collaborative tasks as it has added the dynamic functionality of a modern office table system geared to the future.

A simple, adaptable design made with durable materials to minimise the carbon footprint; featuring solid wood table tops, screens made of cork and desk pads using recycled leather remnants from Vitra's furniture production. Along with bases made of untreated aluminium and parts in plastic are manufactured largely from recycled sources.

Joyn 2 Platform focuses on teamwork as it has just four legs allowing table lengths of up to 6.4 metres for 8 to 10 workspaces - with maximum legroom, power and data options as well as a range of accessories for personalisation. The table tops are available in three versions: one piece tops, as tops with a gap in the middle for easy access to power and data connections, and as a version with a technical rail - in the latter two versions, accessories can be fitted individually and repositioned.

Joyn 2 Platform Table Information

  • Table top available in four finishes
  • Legs in three finishes
  • Easily accessible power and data options
  • Allows 6.4 metres of length for 8 to 10 regular workspaces
  • Table Height can be adjusted from 740 to 820 mm 
  • Accessories can be fitted individually and repositioned
  • Table tops are available in different versions
  • Dimensions: W1200-2400 x H740-820 x D1715mm

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Vitra Joyn 2 Platform Table

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Width: 480.00
Height: 74.00
Depth: 171.50
Warranty: The Vitra Joyn 2 Platform Table comes with a full manufacturers guarantee