Thonet Bentwood Chair 214

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Thonet Bentwood Chair Model 214

Thonet Bentwood chair is a design classic and also demonstrates the pioneering technique applied by Michael Thonet to bend and shape wood to create this masterpiece.The Bentwood chair was originally conceived during the period of 1830 & 1836 .

The technique invented by Michael Thonet to make furniture from bentwood resulting in the creation of Chair No 14 ,often described as 'the coffee house chair' . 

The exquisite design of the Thonet 214 Chair and the subsequent success of the chair (over 50 million pieces sold) owes much to Michael Thonet’s educated approach to the bentwood process and also his eye for the clean ,efficient design this process could create. 

The Thonet 214 Bentwood chair is still in production today (via Thonet’s Frankenberg factory) and whilst the production technique has seldom changed in all these years the variety of finishes and styles has dramatically increased to match client demand. 

In addition to the Bentwood chair Thonet also manufacture a large portfolio of other classic and contemporary furniture and seating. 

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Thonet Bentwood Chair

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