Steppie SoftTop Standing Mat

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Steppie SoftTop Standing Mat

Steppie SoftTop is an innovative new product designed around important reflexology principles.

The SoftTop encourages your feet subconsciously to make simple yet dynamic movements, throughout your working day. Thereby boosting blood circulation and energy flow.

Steppie SoftTop can be used alone. We recommend it be used on top of either Steppie wobble board or an anti-fatigue mat.

Product Information

  • Unique bubbled surface designed according to reflexology principles.
  • Tactile and encourage foot micro-movement
  • Dynamic enhancement to a 'Steppie' Wobble Board or any anti-fatigue mat
  • Take off your shoes to enjoy reflexology at work
  • A perfect combination for standing office work
Steppie SoftTop Standing Mat

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