Simplicity Convergence Hanger Station

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Simplicity Convergence Hanger Station

Convergence is a fusion between functions. Featuring storage, seating & technology all brought together to create a unique and inspiring range to enhance any agile workspace. Where before a product would only perform one task, the Simplicity Convergence range merges these tasks into one seamless product to enhance a workplace and provide more value for money than ever before.

Be a trendsetter and innovate your workspace by combining tasks into one area or product that provides huge cost savings.

This product can also feature any of the 'Simplicity' locking mechanisms, including keycard scanning, keycard auto allocated lockers & keyless smart locks (for use with smartphones).

This listing is for the 'Hanger Station' model within the 'Simplicity Convergence' range, which features either 4no. large lockers & chrome hanging rail OR 6no. large lockers & chrome hanging rail.

For more images and information on this very versatile storage solution please call or email today for the full range brochure.

Simplicity Convergence Hanger Station - 4x Large Lockers & Chrome Hanging Rail

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