RH Logic Chair 400 Ergonomic Task Chair

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RH Logic 400 chair

RH chairs are designed to provide maximum comfort and support in the workplace.

All RH chairs are provided with a 10 year warranty are designed to allow for easy maintenance and repair/spare parts to extend their lifecycle thus providing good value as well as comfort and back care.

RH Logic 400 series of ergonomic chairs are market leaders within the specialist ergonomic seating sector. The main focus of the Logic 400 ‘s design was the ability to suit a wide range of people (sizes and shapes) as well as a wide range of workplace environments.

Strong ergonomics set alongside high environmental and sustainability values have made the RH Logic the chair of choice for companies who value their employee’s health.

Product Information

  • RH group are part of Scandinavian business Seating and specialists within ergonomic seating 
  • RH Logic 400 provide a wide range of options to suit most individual needs. 
  • RH Logic chairs carry a 10 year warranty 
  • RH seating are certified to ISO 14001 (environmental standard)
  • Large range of adjustments to suit the individual users needs
  • High quality build –designed to perform and last
  • Large range of accessories to create chair to required price or specification
  • RH Chairs are recognized as a leading ergonomic chair manufacturer throughout Europe and UK
  • Range of Styling details: Colour/stitching


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RH Logic Chair 400 Ergonomic Task Chair

Product Reviews

Written by Richard on 8th Dec 2014

Well worth the investment

Just to say that my chair arrived in Aberdeen yesterday. It required no tools to assemble. The difference is amazing, I could never go back to a normal office chair again. All those months I suffered needlessly. Well worth the investment (keeping my fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong in coming months) ps I probably now have the best office chair in Aberdeen. Richard

Width: 74.00
Height: 44.00
Depth: 68.00
Shipping: Free Shipping
Warranty: RH Logic 400 comes with a 10 year warranty