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Back Care

Chiropractic and Spinal Expert Dr. Christian Farthing from Canterbury, Kent gives you insight why he recommends Think Furniture.

In today’s high-tech world, many of us have jobs that involve sitting at desks and staring into computer screens all day. Did you know that this type of activity increases your risk of muscle de-conditioning, bone disorders (osteoarthritis and osteoporosis), RSI (repetitive strain injury), pain syndromes like back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and thoracic outlet syndrome?

It might seem easy for a doctor to tell you to sit up straight, but as you know, that is difficult if you work at a desk all day. That is why I wanted to find out the preferred choices available for ergonomic furniture. As a chiropractor in Australia, I moved to the UK and became a specialist in ergonomics. On my investigations, I soon realized that it is a very confusing market place, where you can spend hours, if not days trying to find the solution for your ergonomic and workplace needs.

Eliminating and preventing musculoskeletal conditions and pain syndromes responsible for keeping employees from working at top capacity, and being more effective and happy, is important to me. It makes sense to prevent problems from occurring rather than waiting for them to occur. It saves time, energy, pain and a lot of money.

Then I discovered Think. I had been looking for a company that was providing specialist products affordably for both the corporate and education sector, in addition to personal home offices. Think seem to have all the answers. I soon realized that Think provides some of the best ergonomic furniture in the UK and Europe.

Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Ergonomic Specialists all recognize that correct posture is essential for optimal health. “Correct posture supported by the correct ergonomic furnishings is a winning combination for preventing problems for you in the future”.

The question is: which chair should you choose? This depends on many variables and that is why Think personally fits the best chair for you.

Like many people go and spend a lot of money on an expensive mattress for back pain prior to having their spine checked, I recommend you seek advice from a locally recommended spinal expert with regard to your spine.

Chiropractor Canterbury specializes in spinal ergonomics and health. Once the problem is corrected you will then get maximum value out of your new chair, supporting a healthy spine. It makes sense to have an ergonomic workstation to support a healthy spine rather than spending money on a chair and/or desk whilst still having a spinal problem.

If you are an employer, you will understand how much it can cost your company when employees are off sick. Back pain alone contributes literally thousands of sick days per year and that adds up costing companies millions of lost income annually. I do not want this for you!

Therefore, before a staff member starts alerting you to their spinal problem or pain, invest in credible and quality chairs and workstation ergonomic tools to protect and safeguard your profits. If you don’t, your staff will cost you far more in sick days and potential insurance claims for workplace induced back pain and musculoskeletal problems.

Think is my first choice and I recommend them highly for knowledge and service. I have not been paid to write this for you but felt compelled to share with you my positive experience when using Think personally and recommending their services to other.

In health & optimal workplace ergonomics,

Dr. Christian H. E. Farthing
BAppSc(ClinSc); BCSc; FCBP; M.A.O.
Chiropractor (Australia)
Spinal Specialist (UK)

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