Cove Screen, Seating and Tables by Orangebox

Orangebox Cove is a new system that offers a combination of Screens, Tables and Seating.The Modular nature of Cove allows for a good selection of different configurations to provide flexible workspace for various scenarios from touchdown space to resource centres.

Cove's flexibilty makes it perfect for changing or expanding environments. Easy to re-configure and add to ,the Cove system can be cahnged aroujnd to suit modern work or study needs.

Orangebox Cove integrates vertical surfaces with soft seating to provide a natural balance between sound absorption and reflection - thus creating a more balanced acoustic environment. Soft vertical wall materials absorb sound, reduce reverberation and act as a barrier to office noise.The fabrci or acetate panels of Cove can also inject some extra colour or vibrancy into an office /study scheme.

Key Themes of Cove Screen System

  • Cove is manufactuered by Orangebox
  • Cove offers a mixed solution of Screens ,Soft Seating and Tables
  • Cove is ideal for both workpalce collaboration ,breakout or study areas
  • Offered in a variety of finishes and module sizes ,Cove is a flexible solution to the modern office or study area

Standard Product Information

  • Price shown is for the Break BR - 60 Scenario (as shown in image 1 and 2)
  • 8 x 60 degree curved screens
  • 1 x 45 degree curved screen
  • 7 x curved to curved connector
  • 1 x straight to straight connector
  • 2 x end finishers
  • 4 x Internal 60 degree seat plinth
  • 4 x Internal 60 degree back rest
  • 2 x External 60 degree seat plinth
  • 2 x External 60 degree back rest
  • 2 x Internal 60 degree table
  • 2 x Universal seat table
  • 3 x single legs
  • 1 x 60 degree internal shelf
  • 2 x external 60 degree shelves

 For more information ,images and pricing on Cove please contact one of our workplace specialists on 0203 642 6022


Orangebox Cove BR- 60

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