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With the power in your hands the QIKPAC battery intuitively designed to be used as a single-source powerbank, for an entire day of charging power the QIKPAC integrates a new era of power provision within the workplace environment. OE's ANIMATE system is the perfect solution to agile working with it's freedom to be moved to any space within the workplace, moving past the standards of a traditional office.

OE QIKPAC Information

  • QIKPAC Carry combines the QIKPAC battery & high power USB module for instant charging force
  • Multiple QIKPACs can be connected in series to any team size
  • Comes with user friendly charger base designed to fit three QIKPAC batteries 
  • Can be integrated with a vast range of OE desktop power units
  • Batteries can be fitted directly into steel, aluminium or plastic surfaces

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