Ocee Design Fabricks Acoustic Wall System

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Ocee Design Fabricks Acoustic Wall System

'Fabricks' from Ocee Design is a highly versatile acoustic wall/screen system designed to not only absorb sound & quieten the workspace, but also to act as a stand-out/eye-catching piece.

Available in many different fabrics & colours, Fabricks can be built-up from a small piece to a large acoustic wall held together by steel poles that run through the center of the 'bricks'.

Product Information

  • 16db rating at 2 metres high
  • Flexible & modular
  • Class A sound absorbent
  • Absorbs & blocks sound, speech reverb & visual privacy
  • 2D/3D blocks
  • No disruption to airflow & mechanical/electrical works
  • Available in 30 different colours from Camira Blazer Lite fabric range
  • 3 different lengths available; 300mm, 600mm & 1200mm
  • 2 different heights available; 200mm & 400mm
  • 90 degree bricks to form L shapes
  • Easy to reconfigure
Ocee Design Fabricks Acoustic Wall System

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