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KINETICis5 700K - Standup for more flexibility!

The KINETICis5 stool by Interstuhl. Sitting is moving. That is the most significant finding to emerge from research studies into sitting. Another is that it is no longer possible to make a clear distinction between work and leisure time. And finally, that interaction between colleagues and teams is becoming more and more important. The result is that the traditional way of organising an office is losing relevance. It is no longer just function that defines structure. More than ever before, workplaces need to provide space for communication.

KINETECis5 creates such places for temporary interaction and for personalised design with a high feel-good factor. Applicable in the workplace, the lounge, or in the bistro.

For more movement. For more comfort. For more freedom.

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Interstuhl KINETICis5 barstool in white with orange

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