Framery Q Meeting Pod

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Framery Q Meeting Pod

This 2-4 Q Office pod from Framery is a multifunctional, soundproof space perfect for meetings, one on one discussions and team brainstorming sessions that require uninterrupted collaboration. The Framery Q is offered in four distinct versions; Q Flow, Q Meeting Maggie, Q Meeting Maggie Premium and Q Flip n' Fold.

The Framery Q Flow is intended for complete heads down focus on work, with a sit-stand adjustable electric table that accommodates a chair or stool making it possible to have a chat with a colleague or a shared video conference.

Framery Q Meeting Maggie is a much better option for longer private meetings made for comfort such as brainstorming, gathering face-to-face and getting work done. Maggie sofas with curved or straight backrest and a turnable table as well as pleasant LED lighting and two power sockets are included. The Premium version is ideal for shared videoconferences as it comes with a screen bracket, turnable monitor arm and adjustable lighting & ventilation to enhance the meeting experience. 

Framery Q Flip n' Fold is the convenient option for a flexible fully accessible interior meeting space, with wheelchair accessibility, low doorstep. automatic door opener and folding chairs & table. In-built automatic air ventilation ensures a fresh atmosphere and a comfortable working environment.

The base price shown is for the Framery Q Flow Meeting Pod.

Q Meeting Pod Information

  • Leading sound insulation negates conversations being overheard outside the pod
  • Optimal fresh air quality inside the pod
  • Comfortable for longer private meetings
  • Wheelchair accessible (Flip n' Fold) for easy access
  • No flammable materials are used in Framery products
  • Framery products are mainly constructed of birch plywood
  • Sound control laminated glass
  • Dimensions: W2200 x H2220 x D1200mm

This product is made to order. Please call us for shipping costs and fabric options

Framery Q Flow Pod

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Width: 220.00
Height: 222.00
Depth: 120.00
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Warranty: The Framery Q Meeting Pod comes with a full manufacturers guarantee