Ocee Design FourReal 741 Flake Table

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Ocee Design FourReal 741 Flake Table

The innovative FourReal® 741 Flake tables are built on the idea of democratic design and developed to meet the need for agile and flexible seating solutions. The FourReal 741 is an inspiring framework for collaboration and multipurpose use in any working environment. The tangible design, organic shapes, and curves make the tables a natural gathering point, whether for 4 or 10 people. 

Product Information:

  • Ellipse Dimensions: W1980 x D1000 x H740mm
  • Half Ellipse Dimensions: W1600 x D1000 x H740mm
  • Diamond Dimensions: W1290 x D1400 x H740mm
  • Curve Dimensions: W1800 x D800 x H740mm
  • Rectangle Dimensions: W1400 x D1000 x H740mm
  • Black or chrome frame
  • Designed by Nørgaard Design

Price is based on Band 1 Table Tops. For alternative options, please get in contact. 

This product is made to order. 

Ocee Design FourReal 741 Flake Table

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Width: 198.00
Height: 74.00
Depth: 100.00
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Warranty: The Ocee Design FourReal 741 Flake Table comes with a full manufacturers warranty.